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The Inaugural AMC & oOh!media Lawn Bowls Night oOh!media

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Team Payments

To make the logistics easier, if you’re signing up a team or partial team please send ONE TOTAL payment. It just makes life easier for Nick, the Treasurer.


Cash on the night is good. We’d be happy to take your money when you rock up.


EFT is so modern, friendly and easy, so you’ll want these details
Account name: Adelaide Media Club
BSB: 610101
Account #: 070375937
Message: Put your contact’s name in message.


Are from your parents era, but if you really really must – bring them on the night or send them here:
Attention Nick Ryder
Adelaide Media Club
6 Solomon Street
Adelaide SA 5000.

Credit cards?

Nope, sorry, we can’t accept credit card payments.

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Sure, just check the right box above (you’ll find it) and hey-presto, we’ll email you an invoice just like magic!

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