RSVPs Closing Soon

We’ve made our list, and we’ve checked it twice
Have you been a bit naughty, and so not very nice?
With just days to go before the media blitz
Your non-attendance is sure, to give you the sh_ts.

For when you hear of the fun that was had by all
You’ll be kicking yourself, at your social etiquette fall.
Oh the numbers they’re closing, soon all very tight
And you’ll be most sad for missing, a quite excellent night.

The big TV stations, from South Australia dear
Have come with good tidings, some nice wine and choice beer.
To bring you their jollies, and share in great fun
“To the Wine Centre,” they chant, “media people, do run!”

Dr Seuss did once say, “Adelaide media may be
A little slow off the mark, but mark me, you’ll see!
The last spaces will go, they’ll hurriedly RSVP,
They don’t want to miss, the best event of the AMC.”

If you don’t want to come, okay fine, we’ll leave you be
For some complaints we’ve received, at our witty repartee.

Here’s one last ditch attempt, click the link, don’t miss out!
Or come Monday morning, you’ll be sad, and you’ll pout.